Sunday, September 14, 2008

Purachikalanazhar in Boston

I’m little bit scared to open a conversation with Ganapathi (Guppy), I know it’s not my fault for his bad mood and frustration, how do I confirm that he knows that as well? Its a million dollar question isn’t it? On this lovely weekend, Karthick, Guppy and I decided to go to “Lakshmi Temple” in Framingham located in the outskirts of Boston. As thisi s my first visit to USA, I take enough time to explore things around me and take photos both on camera and my eyes.

We three are in south station to board to Framingham, few more mintues for the train to departure, suddenly Karthick ran towards ATM, to withdraw cash, and said something to us which I failed to catch, I believe Guppy too, he followed him and he decided to withdraw some cash too, I don’t know what to do I bluntly followed Guppy, towards ATM, and I stopped at a distance to ATM, it is not to give privacy to Guppy, but to watch, rather explore a bull made of wood, by some school children in Boston and presented to south station on some occasion, I just had a Glimpse to confirm is Guppy still there at ATM, and started reading the importance of the BULL, after reading the history of the bull I decided to take a picture of the same and was about to open my camera pouch, in the very moment I felt the hand on my shoulder, its none other than Guppy, asking me where is karthick? I replied to him how do I know? I was following you and not him, it was a total miscommunication as Guppy was in a conclusion that I will be with karthick since he is withdrawing cash, I was fully loaded with the bull and just keeping half eye on Guppy for my security, and Karthick was seen no were, we searched for him for some time, and gave up, assuming that he would have boarded the train to Framingham, Karthick was in Boston for almost an year, so he knows better than us.

Guppy some how handled the situation and said to me that we will find when is the next train to Framingham and will go to the temple as planned, and that sounded good to me, we bought the tickets for the next train and pizza for breakfast, and we are sitting in the waiting area, Guppy was sipping coffee after the breakfast all of sudden I could see a brightness in his eyes, as if he saw something really surprising and he said “Hey, look there, its Vijaykanth”. I asked him where, Guppy pointed his finger behind me, I could see no VijayKanth there, I asked him again where, he said “there, in that man’s vests, printed VijayKanth photo” pointing to the gentleman to my left. I said “come on Guppy no way, its Boston”, Guppy with little command in voice “I swear, he has Vijaykanth’s photo printed in his Vest, if you don’t trust me you go and have a look” I could feel a confidence in his voice. Not that I don’t trust Guppy, but I really want to see that person who is advertising for Vijaykanth, I got up from my seat and started walking towards the Gentleman who is waking towards the Enquiry counter, to my surprise he is wearing a vest with Vijaykanth photo and his new political party name printed.

I introduced myself to him and he said his name his Dave (I’m sorry I didn’t catch his last name) and asked him did he know who is that person in the photo?, to my astonishment he said his name is “Vijaya kaanth” pronounced almost correctly, and I interviewed him for few mins:

ME: How do you know him?

Dave: I was in Pondicherry for few months, where I learned about him.

ME: May I know what you learned about him?

Dave: I learned that he has started a new party and I happened to hear his political party’s manifesto, and was really surprised to see down to earth and practical vows for the welfare of the people, I wish he wins and keeps up his promise. I also watched couple of movies which are really good, is he an Indian James bond?

ME: (Tittering) a kind of? He is more like action hero.

Dave: Oh I see, he should win.

ME: what makes you to say so? I mean may I ask you why?

Dave: Well, I been to few places in south India, and I was really unhappy to see the pathetic living conditions of the people, I could also see the carelessness of the Government on this, all that India requires at this time is a leader like him, who has an urge to server people, I wish we have one Vijaykanth in America as well.

ME: Good to hear that Dave, Nice talking to you, Can I have your photograph?

Dave: Sure, why not?

He poses and I photographed him, and went back to my seat where Guppy is waiting for me, Guppy asked me what was all about the conversation? I narrated him what went on with us, and I thought probably we missed the train to interview him, Guppy remained that we got few more minutes to catch the train.

We boarded the train to Framingham and Dave words are still lingering in my mind.


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Ramaiah said...

Hi Gopi,

That was really a nice post.A Thamizhian admired by an US Citizen :).

ULTIMATE SENTENCE IN THE POST : "I wish we have one Vijaykanth in America as well" .. lols

Ramaiah said...


i guess that should be
"PURATCHIKALAIGNAR" and not "Purachikalanazhar"

Sorry if i am wrong :)

expecting your next posts , and do inform